Holiday Servicing

Why not stay while the work is being carried out. However if you choose or have to return home we are happy to fly you back!

CIAS often recommends to our UK based customers a two or three night stay while the work is completed (especially our engine change solutions during the summer or shoulder months). Local contacts enable us to advise you of the very best hotels in the area, so it is not just an Avionics or Engine installation, but an adventure holiday on a beautiful island!

We are here to recommend hotels, hire cars, sea sports, tourism and maps – just let us know how we can help.

Relaxing Service

Enjoy also a warm welcome at the Jersey Aero Club. Our customers are able to use the restaurant and bar while enjoying beautiful views of passing aircraft, the airfield and surrounding countryside. This affiliation with the Aero Club also allows you and your passengers access to these services at no extra charge.

Contact Channel Island Aero Services Ltd for reliable aircraft maintenance that keeps your engine running.