Engine Replacement


Quality Engines

Enjoy an expert service by ordering direct from the manufacturers. We can assist and advise from that first moment to the final installation and testing. Our engine maintenance record is second-to-none and will have you up above the clouds in no time. Contact us today on Tel 01534 742373.

Engine Installations Made to Measure

Why not enjoy a delightful stop over in sunny Jersey whilst we get to work fitting your new engine. You can observe as the action takes place if you wish.

We take pleasure in being able to suggest a choice of excellent hotels or you may just find that little pied à terre yourself to enjoy your stay.

Once we have fitted your new engine and it is fully tested to your satisfaction then do not forget to go back to base filled with Jersey’s very affordable avgas (which becomes even cheaper if you are a member of AOPA). Just one more saving made by visiting the Channel Islands. You can buy new or we can source and fit a number of different engine configurations such as:

  • Factory- remanufacture
  • Overhaul
  • Overhaul exchange

Contact Channel Island Aero Services Ltd for those special engines maintenance tips

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