Aircraft servicing

Ultra Reliable Aircraft Care to Compliment that Maintenance

Keep your aeroplane in the best shape possible with us.

Cared for lovingly that paintwork will last, but if it is faded by time and looking flat then let us restore it to its original glory.

Contact Channel Island Aero Services Ltd on Tel 01534 742373 for proficient aircraft servicing.

Magic Maintenance

Utilise our talents to enhance your aircraft’s condition both inside and out. Whether personalising your plane or changing the entire engine, take advantage of Jersey’s VAT-free status to save money. All work is carried out here on the island.

NOTE Our work coverage expands not just to aircraft based in France and the UK but most of Europe. Do remember our Certification Scope also covers those older aircraft so we can take care of both new and old aircaft, Annex II or Orphaned.

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